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Great Daine Antlerworks designs a wide variety of antler lamps and lighting for use in your home, log home or office. Artwork by Jim Daine, of Tonopah, Nevada.
These original works of art are made from elk antlers, moose antlers, whitetail and mule deer antlers, fallow deer antlers, red stag antlers and horn. Another added feature is the rawhide shades made by Dave Bernstrom of Bernstrom Designs. They speak for themselves.

Jim uses the finest UL approved electrical fittings in his lamps. He uses brass light sockets and also manufactures his own antler slip covers to highlight his best work. “I like doing lights because of the complexity of running wires through the antlers.” Jim says. “One of my biggest drives is attention to detail. I like to have people stare at a piece and wonder how I got the wires from point A to point B.”

In our gallery you will find a variety of antler art:

Custom table and floor lamps from elk, moose and deer antlers
Coffee and end tables from selected antlers
Chandeliers from elk or deer antlers
Drawer pulls, door handles, sconces, and more
Do you have your own antlers? Contact us today! We can turn your antlers into a fine work of art.